High Performance Athlete Development Centre

The centre provides a functional environment to enhance the level of fitness of each and every student by way of educated professional development under the guidance of  a full time Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Programmes offered:

  • Specialist fitness programmes and specific training for individual students and College sporting teams.
  • Targeted strength and conditioning programmes designed, instructed and delivered to individuals and teams.
  • Athletes are assisted and monitored prior, during and after training sessions. The Strength and Conditioning Coach meets with each team’s head coach, sports doctor, physiotherapist, sports trainers and other service providers to discuss planning and periodisation of specific ‘pre’ and ‘in’ season training programmes, injury prevention & management and rehabilitation training programmes.
  • Supplement and sports nutrition education.
  • Injury rehabilitation training and pre-hab programme prescription.
  • Monitoring and review of WH&S policies and procedure and programmes.
  • Group fitness, personal training and specialist preparation training.
  • Athlete testing.

Basic resistance, body weight strength, conditioning and sports nutrition programmes are available to students in Years 5 and 6.

Middle School students are offered the above as well as sport specific training and development in addition to Olympic lifting techniques, nutrition in sport, pre and rehabilitation techniques. Students are also taught the importance of recovery and sports hydration.

Senior School students have access to professional advice and are educated about long term athlete development, nutrition, volume control, fatigue and injury management.

Students involved in representative sports are further educated about ‘pre’ & ‘in’ season training periodisation and competition preparation. Individual personal training, weights and conditioning programmes are available to any student of the College, along with a one on one induction programme.

Individual specialist training and athlete testing is conducted all year round in order to accurately assess and record the development of each student. Currently the centre completes Vo2 max testing, range of motion, speed, comparative and raw strength testing and athlete pre-screening. Bio Metrics is also completed by the College’s Physiotherapist and Coaching staff.

Nutrition in sport plays a major role in not only the effectiveness of the student on the sports field, but in the classroom and at home. The centre provides students with specialist advice on basic nutrition, nutrition for sports, hydration and drugs in sport. Students are provided with a ‘Meal Diary’ to complete over the course of seven days. The Strength & Conditioning coach then reviews the Meal Diary and makes the necessary amendments. A detailed Meal Plan for that individual student is formulated around that student's specific needs.

Specialist testing involving the students weight, Body Mass Index, Fat %, Muscle Density, WHR, water retention etc is also completed. A similar review process to the nutrition programme is conducted fortnightly to graph the progress and make amendments if needed.

In March 2015 the Centre was officially recognised and subsequently registered by Fitness Australia, being the first school in Australia to have achieved this.