The motto for the Social Justice Programme at St Augustine’s College is SEA. The S stands for Service, the E for Education and the A for Awareness. The boat symbolises life’s journey.

There are three components that members of our community learn from in the SEA Programme. Service - Jesus was the model servant of leadership, washing his disciples' feet. Through serving those less fortunate than us we learn humility. It is our aim through Education, all are provided with opportunities to better themselves as we learn about and work with social justice issues. Through Awareness of injustices in society, we strive to help others and improve the world in which we live.

St Augustine was a great campaigner against injustices in society. We as a College community make social justice an important issue and highlight awareness with ongoing projects and fundraisers throughout each school year.

St Augustine’s love of the great commandment makes the preservation of justice for all people a responsibility. In his own words he expresses this:

“Each of you expects to receive Christ when you meet him in heaven. Take care of Christ now as he lies by the roadside, take care of Christ as he hungers, freezes, is destitute and a stranger.” St Augustine Sermon 61, 12