The Senior School provides boys in Years 10, 11 and 12 a challenging and diverse learning experience.  Our senior curriculum programme is specifically tailored to the individual needs and subject requirements of older students, as they negotiate their pathways through formative schooling, up to their HSC examinations and in preparation for further tertiary education.

The Senior School embeds and explicitly promotes the following student learning principles:

  • The curriculum has an integrated approach in the teaching of Catholic and Augustinian values.
  • The provision of a curriculum which offers a variety of appropriate pathways to students, based on their needs, abilities and interests.
  • The provision of an extensive subject selection, which contains academic rigour and opportunities for success.
  • The provision of a curriculum which provides appropriate and exciting opportunities for students to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Value the concept of “holistic learning” and accept that learning is a lifelong process.
  • Students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to research and access further learning according to their relevant needs.
  • Encourage independent learning skills and enhanced responsibility for learning.
  • Promotion of respectful communication with stakeholders including staff, students and parents.
  • Provision of programmes to ensure that students are career oriented and that they can capably identify their progress in their schooling.
  • Encourage and inspire a student ethos based on achieving personal excellence enabling students to clearly identify goals for senior schooling.
  • Provision of learning experiences that are intellectually challenging and motivating and that reflect a variety of pedagogical approaches.
  • Provision of opportunities for students to develop spiritually, academically, socially and in sporting/co-curricular avenues.
  • Ensure that Information and Communication Technology strategies are implemented into classroom pedagogy in order to facilitate deep learning.