Squad programme

Developmental squad training operates in Terms 1 and 4. This programme is open to both students from the primary and secondary schools.The programme aims to develop stroke technique for competitive swimming at school and regional level. Squad members train each Friday morning at the Manly Leagues Club. Those students who are already involved in squad training with their respective clubs are welcome to be involved but it is not a mandatory requirement that they attend.

Secondary School Swimming and Representation

The College participates in the ISA, CIS and All Schools competition for which teams are selected based on performance and participation criteria

Selection in the College Swimming team is based on the following criteria:-

  • Initially participation in the Annual Swimming House Competition
  • Selection in the Twilight Carnival based on the students results in the House Competition
  • Selection in the team to represent St Augustine’s College at the ISA (Independent Schools Association) championships based on the students results in the Twilight Championships
  • Further representative honours are available by either representing the ISA at the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) championships or representing CIS at the NSW All Schools championships
  • In exceptional circumstances students who are unable to meet the above criteria may still be considered for selection. Selection will only be permitted after consultation with the Director of Sport and Head of Swimming and a letter from the parents outlining the reasons why their son was unable to fulfill the above criteria.

Expectations and Exemptions

All team members will be required to conform to the College guidelines for travel, attendance, behaviour and participation at designated swim meets. Any students wishing to seek an exemption from any designated event or activity must apply to the Director of Sport with notification at least one week in advance.

Team Events

Swimmers may be required to swim up to four individual events at ISA championships in which he has gained representation. This will be at the discretion of the Haed of swimming to allow for optimum team point scoring opportunity.

Higher Levels of Representation

Selection to higher levels of representation will be based on performance at ISA and CIS. Competitors will be selected by the respective organisational panels. Swimmers will be required to notify the Head of Swimming of additional events for which they may wish to nominate.

For any enquiries please contact Bob Ferguson.