Boxing Fitness

At the College Boxing Fitness is a non-competitive sport with the focus on fitness. Training is Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7 - 8.00am in the Brimson Centre (terms 1, 2, 3 & 4) where they are trained by Eliki Sagoa for a rigorous hour. Students are paired up with students from similar age groups or ability, one student on the focus mitts and the other with the boxing  gloves in which they to swap throughout the session. For further information contact or go to ATLAS.

Like many of the martial art disciplines, boxing students are encouraged to be modest and humble. Students will learn; correct technique, how to defend themselves, foot work and various boxing combinations. In the process they will gain many physical attributes that will also assist in their other sports such as increased; fitness, core stability and upper body strength.

Communal boxing equipment of gloves, mitts and skipping ropes are provided. Students who have committed to boxing as their sport are encouraged to wear wrist wraps to reduce the risk of injury and while it is not essential having your own 12oz boxing gloves will be more comfortable and hygienic for participants.