Technology is an integral part of how we communicate, collaborate, seek knowledge and process information. St Augustine’s College commenced a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) Programme for  students and in 2016 applies to all students in Years 7 -11 which provides access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources and content 24/7 and gives our students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning.

Students’ use of technology and communication devices has become normalised to the extent that many already have, and are extremely comfortable using, multiple devices available to them at home and on the move. We strongly believe that the move towards BYOT at St Augustine’s is simply an extension of students’ normal, everyday practice. Furthermore, the BYOT school environment should replicate the post-secondary experience with technology and lead to a smoother transition to the workplace.

In order to assist parents in the process of purchasing a suitable device, the College has developed a set of guidelines which answers those most frequently asked questions regarding the programme:

Click to view BYOT Guidelines for Parents.

We strongly recommend purchasing insurance and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) for all new devices. ADP as an option can be purchased directly through iBroker

For further assistance please contact Guy Richards eLearning Integrator ( or the College IT Helpdesk (