Clancy Project

The most recent ‘building phase’ of the College Master Plan, included in the Towards a Brighter Future 2025 Project, is the Clancy Project. The Master Plan incorporates the development of flexible and adaptable teaching spaces and innovative technologies to facilitate the provision of quality teaching and learning.

The Clancy Project commenced in late 2014 and completed before the commencement of the 2016 academic year. Throughout the new facilities the importance of spatial awareness in designing spaces for learning was paramount.

Although building design is important, the College chose to focus on the actual use of the building. In addition, the College also introduced flexible furniture systems which facilitated the adoption of teaching practices, maximising the potential of the space to improve student learning outcomes.

The College approached the acquisition of furniture with a clear vision. Consideration was given to the new Australian Curriculum which expects students to create, investigate, apply, reflect, question and evaluate ideas, transfer knowledge to new situations, build teams, resolve conflict and contribute to reconciliation between cultures.

Agile learning spaces were created. With interlocking shapes and wheels, classrooms can be easily rearranged and transformed to facilitate learning by group work, whole class presentations, paired work or combinations. Students too, are encouraged to be responsive learners using their new spaces.

The new furniture complements the new state-of-the-art learning system and is flexible and stylish and allows for many different learning collaborations between staff and students. The innovative table design creates exciting opportunities for teacher-student discussion and interaction due to its unique shape.