Engagement in high level learning
Decision sharing
Deeper learning

The idea for a dedicated collaborative learning environment for Senior students came from a wish list of St Augustine’s educational practitioners meeting to discuss the future direction of education at the College in 2013. In preparing our students for university and careers, the 21st century world requires students to develop highly collaborative skills to operate as citizens in an ever changing global economy.

At the beginning of the 2014 school year, Senior School Academic Advisor, Tricia Briggs, took on the task of transforming the idea into reality, re-modelling the College’s original school chapel into a contemporary classroom with cutting edge student designed ergonomic furniture and a colour scheme to promote creativity and optimal learning conditions for Senior students. The classroom is also part of the trial process in preparation for the College’s new Master Plan Building Programme commencing in late 2014.

Students are appreciating an environment that encourages collaboration and fosters deeper learning in their critical years of study.