“Each of you expects to receive Christ when you meet him in heaven. Take care of Christ now as he lies by the roadside, take care of Christ as he hungers, freezes, is destitute and a stranger.” St Augustine Sermon 61, 12



  • Celebrate in diversity.
  • Place the common good before our own.
  • Respect individual differences and needs.
  • Promote quality dialogue, interaction and sharing between members of the educational community.
  • Know one’s worth as a child of God and the transcendent dignity of every human person.
  • Show concern, devotion and compassion.
  • Live a commitment to love and forgiveness through community.
  • Hear the cry of those in need.
  • Work against social, cultural, religious and economic injustices.
  • Put love in all the things that you do.
  • Affirm healthy relationships and be people of good will.


  • Overseas Immersions
  • Student Exchanges to Ireland and the USA
  • Indigenous Immersions
  • Year 10 Caritas Week
  • Lenten Appeal
  • Annual P&F Association Pink Breakfast
  • St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
  • Volunteer at Matthew Talbot Hostel
  • Visits to local nursing homes
  • Fundraising for a variety of charities
  • Asylum Seeker Centre Appeal
  • Augustinian Kitchen
  • Melanoma March
  • Lifeline Bookfair
  • St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal
  • St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
  • Kids R Christmas