Debating is the art of constructive and influential argument. Many skills required in most workplaces (let alone for Senior School and higher education) are reflected in those at the core of Debating: the ability to speak well in public, the ability to plan an argument and the ability to use evidence to prove that argument.

Debating at St Augustine's College is a sport that is open to all Year Groups. We participate in the Independent Schools Debating Association (ISDA) Competition in Term 1 and 2 as well as internal debates between classes within the English and HPU curriculum.  We also have an annual competition with our brother school Villanova, Brisbane, in which we battle for the prize of the Fr Peter Winikie Shield.

St Augustine's has a long history of Debating practice and we encourage all boys to become involved. Registration takes place in Week One of Term One each year.

For more information please contact Tate Williams