The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award has been a popular choice for St Augustine’s studnets for the past ten years. The award is designed to promote personal and social development and as part of an international programme created for young people aged 14 - 25 years of age, it is a valuable addition to any student's academic record or personal c.v.

Each student creates their own uniquely designed programme and pursues personal goals that they aim to achieve at each of the three award levels:

Bronze: 6 month award commencing Term 4 of Year 8. Minimum age requirement 13yrs/9mths

Silver: 6 month award commencing Term 4 of Year 9. Minimum age requirement 14yrs/9mths

Gold: 12 month award commencing Term 4 of Year 10. Minimum age requirement 16yrs


Want to know more?

A detailed Duke Of Ed website for the College containing all programme details, calendar of events and enrolment procedures here:

In summary:

The programme’s philosophies guarantee that The Award is:

         Available to everyone

         About experiencing, connecting and developing

         Not a competition


         Balanced & Progressive

         About personal achievement

         A marathon, not a sprint

         Voluntary and…



The programme gives the boys an opportunity to develop their abilities outside school hours in four key areas:



         Outdoor Recreation/Expedition



Parents are also invited to visit the Duke of Edinburgh website.

For further information please contact Jo Gray.