Rowing is all about balance, timing and teamwork. It develops muscle power, endurance and great friendships. It is a low impact sport and all major muscle groups are used, that’s why...

“Rowing get’s you fit much faster than most other sports.”

Boats are propelled through the water by pulling on one oar (sweeping) or by pulling two oars (sculling).

Juniors (Year 7-9) start in scull boats (single, double and quads) whereas Seniors (Year 10-12) transition to sweep oar rowing in fours and eights.

The coxswain or “cox” has an important function in a rowing boat.

A cox...

  • needs to weigh 50kgs or less
  • keeps the boat straight with the boat’s rudder
  • is the coaches right hand on water and land
  • makes the calls during training and races
  • executes the race strategy

Coxing develops confidence, leadership and teamwork to help our rowers exceed on race day!