Learning Support at St Augustine’s College involves all activities which increase the capacity of a school to respond to student diversity.

As part of our dedication to the Augustinian values of Truth, Love and Community, St Augustine’s College has a strong commitment to providing each student with the opportunity to achieve his personal academic best. The College is an inclusive community and believe that every student has the right to be provided with the most appropriate environment in which to help him reach his full potential.

The Learning Support and Enrichment Department works across a continuum from remediation through to extension, as well as providing support for students with disabilities. Remediation is offered to those students who have been identified through assessment and referrals from teaching staff, parents, the College Psychologist, Speech Therapists and external psychologists and therapists.

For students who are functioning well beyond the level of their regular class peers, the College recognises that these students have special needs. Education and a love of learning, needs to be interesting and challenging for these boys, and so the College offers special extension programmes, as well as support to help class teachers on designing differentiated programming for these students.