Augustine Resource Centre

The Augustine Resource Centre (ARC) is designed to provide students and staff with up-to-date, high-tech facilities, as well as the traditional library services. The ARC is a modern air-conditioned facility with cutting edge technology.

The library assistants and student support officers work with students to build skills in information literacy and manage the resources for optimum accessibility. The library is open till 6pm Monday to Thursday to offer students extra available hours for study or tuition. Facilities include: seating for 200 students; a multimedia room with equipment for digital editing, drawing and other applications; two IT areas,  IT1 with 28 networked computers connected to a plasma screen for presentations as well as to the video/DVD command system and IT2 with 16 networked computers connected to a data projector; two seminar rooms each seating 15 students; two class spaces seating 60 students; large fiction area with comfortable seating;  seminar room for 20 students with a mobile TV/VCR/DVD Mission. The Augustine Resource Centre provides information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today's information and knowledge-based society.

The Augustine Resource Centre equips students with life-long learning skills and develops their imaginations, enabling them to live as responsible citizens. In the ARC we are dedicated to providing and promoting intellectual and physical access for all to an extensive range of print and electronic resources, tools and technologies which will: meet the educational needs of all members of our staff and student body; enhance and enrich our educational philosophy and curriculum; stimulate interest and independence in literacy; encourage our staff and students to create and manipulate ideas and information efficiently and effectively so that they may become independent lifelong learners.