Mendel Wing

Good Counsel Primary School

The new two level Good Counsel Primary School includes open collaborative learning spaces on each level, a large terrace, breakout rooms, interactive TV screens in each class, multiple plug in points with wall and floor mounted large TV screens, an open space for drama, storytelling, Primary assemblies and singing. Classrooms have windows and multi-purpose tables designed to be written on as whiteboards. There are designated wet areas, a large outdoor landing for larger assemblies, Project Based learning and STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) activities. The flexible learning spaces encourage collaboration, allowing teachers the opportunity to either teach explicitly or be facilitators in the learning process.

Science Rooms

The new Science laboratories and classrooms are situated in the two level Mendel Wing. Their design is open plan, creating an atmosphere to inspire a love of science.  The laboratories are designed to connect to classrooms through the option of large bi-fold doors between the two areas. This configuration allows teachers to move students between practical and theory lessons with comparative ease.

The laboratories are of the highest quality and safety standards, and include emergency stops for both gas and electricity, aerated water eye wash stations and safety showers.

The podium level of the building houses three classrooms, which open into three laboratories. It also has a seminar room, opening into one of the laboratories. The upper level has a similar configuration with three classrooms and two seminar rooms, one of which opens into the laboratories. All three laboratories are connected by large sliding glass doors which can be opened to provide a larger laboratory space. If there is a requirement for a practical test involving a whole Year Group, the sliding doors can be opened, allowing for all students to be accommodated in the one central area.

The rooms contain innovative table designs, creating exciting opportunities for teacher/student discussion and interaction, due their unique shape. They are particularly beneficial for student learning groups and offer enormous potential for initiating discussion, developing ideas and investigations. The open plan area allows teachers and students to easily rearrange furniture, minimising disruption and accommodates different task situations. Built-in whiteboard tabletops add an extra dimension for group work.

The use of the classrooms for theory lessons allows the availability of the laboratory space for easy setup of equipment and clearance of equipment between practical sessions.

Each level has a large area for storage of equipment and for the preparation of practical work and chemical preparation. A dedicated lockable chemical storeroom is located on the upper level. A modern Gratnell’s Storage system has been set up using a combination of shelving and tray storage of equipment along with trolleys for moving equipment and chemicals in and out of the laboratories.

The new Science rooms provide an environment for both discovery and innovation in a unique open setting.