St Augustine's Mock Trial Competitions are conducted by the Events Management Department of the Law Society and is partly funded by the Law Foundation of NSW. This Competition is a practical means of introducing students to the law and a means of improving the public's perception of the legal profession. The Competition aims to introduce Year 10 and 11 students to the law and to give them an understanding of the legal system that governs the society in which they live. It is also an excellent opportunity for boys to develop their research and oratory skills.

The Law Society provides the teams with coaches and magistrates, together with a complete set of the case materials and competition manual. Coaches teach the students about court procedure and advocacy techniques. It is anticipated that only two to three hours of coaching will be needed before each trial, although it is up to each coach to decide the level of individual participation. The cases are confined to simple criminal and civil matters heard in the Local or District Court.

The first four rounds of the Competition are run on a regional round robin basis, and the rounds are held in each of the ten regions from February to late May. The top 64 scoring teams across the State and the ACT then compete on a knockout basis until two schools are left to meet for the State Grand Final in early December. At St Augustine's, we have been competing in the Mock Trial competition for over twenty years with a number of different coaches including several old boys such as Joe La Cava and Anthony Curulli. Our present coach is Victoria Sweetman from Deloitte Lawyers Pty Ltd.

For more information please contact Chris Hardy or Guy Richards.