• Tanzania Immersion - Student Videos


    As part of St Augustine’s College’s SEA (Service Education Awareness) Programme, in December last year the College sent 14 Year 10 students and 3 staff to Tanzania, Arusha, Africa to help build a new classroom for the Jitihada Primary School. Many of the students are orphans and their availability to education is critical for their futures.

    The students spent eight days in 40-degree heat building a brand new classroom for the school, big enough to educate 30 students. The aim is not only to build a structure but also building relationships; with each other, with the local African community and with the children. It was wonderful to see a connectedness and appreciation of the St Augustine’s students.

    The build included levelling and concreting the classroom floor, rendering the internal and external walls, erected the ceiling, installing windows and doors, building a retaining wall for the veranda and concreting a veranda. All done with smiles on the boys faces. The boys were fortunate enough to be involved in a number of genuine African experiences including visiting a Maasai camp, local markets and waterfalls.

    The aim of the College’s social justice programme is’ service through action’. During and after the completion of the project, the students discovered a genuine empathy for those less fortunate and self-pride on a job well done in difficult conditions.

    After finishing the build and saying goodbye to their newfound Tanzanian friends, the boys were rewarded with a two day safari at Tarangaire National Park, followed by Manyara National Park. They saw many incredible native animals including sighting two lions orchestrate an attack on a zeal of zebras.

    The boys arrived back in Sydney to have Christmas with their families and a new appreciation of home and how lucky we are to live on the beautiful northern beaches.

    Year 10 students Andrew Clement and Will Lodder, who were part of the programme also produced a 4 minute exceptionally high quality video each, on their time in Tanzania. Please click on the link below to view the two videos.

    SEA Programme Excusion - Africa by Andrew Clement

    SEA Programme Excusion - Africa by Will Lodder