Characteristics Of Our Augustinian College

An Augustinian College:

  • Is a training ground for future Christian leaders.
  • Imparts instruction; instruction generates knowledge; knowledge gives birth to hope and hope blossoms into love.
  • Develops a gradual approach to wisdom.  It erects the building of love and wisdom on the scaffolding of knowledge which leads to wisdom and happiness through study and activities.
  • Is a community based on Christian friendship, teaching and learning from one another; exchanging acts of kindness; agreeing and disagreeing without bad humour, laughing and bantering, discussing and engaging in serious talk.
  • Is a symbol of unity; all kindled into flame and joined together as one, living in harmony with hearts and minds intent upon God.
  • Is a religious experience to be carried over to the professional life; a service to God.

We don’t just put knowledge in students’ minds — we FORM students

We are not the vendors of education — we are the educators

An Augustinian student is:

  • Restless in his search for truth
  • Introspective and reflective
  • Humble and open to others
  • Exercises freedom responsibly
  • Ordered in what he values
  • Understanding but does not compromise absolute truths
  • Balanced and moderate
  • Sincere and transparent
  • Attentive and makes himself available to others
  • Determined and studious
  • Friendly and community orientated
  • Open to transcendent realities


An Augustinian teacher:

  • Understands their strengths and weaknesses and constantly strives for excellence.
  • Loves truth above all and eloquence for truth’s sake, teaches what is good.
  • Leads students to become introspective and reflective - stirs up curiosity rather than teaches with compulsion.
  • Shows the way but walks along with the students the teacher teaches and learns in turn.
  • Acknowledges students' individual differences, they are patient with the slow and enthusiastic with fast learners.  They win over the hostile, stir up the careless and informs the ignorant.
  • Rules with authority but serves with love.  Gentle yet firm, loving yet disciplined.
  • Sets love as the main criterion for teaching.
  • Is a model for students to imitate.