St Augustine said, Prayer is, of course, an indispensable way of encountering God.”

As an Augustinian community, we have made the choice:

  • To foster common prayer, meaningful liturgical celebrations, spiritual reading, and annual retreats.
  • To spend time in quiet prayer and reflection in common.
  • To develop a deeper interior life using scripture-centred prayer and discussions
  • To use the writings of St Augustine and sources of Augustinian spirituality, communally and individually.

Augustine believed that all our life should be motivated by love and he constantly prayed that his heart would embrace his God, his brothers and sisters in love.

 “When you pray to God in psalms and songs,
the words spoken by your lips should be alive in your hearts.”
Rule II,3.

Augustine believed that it was through our conversation with God, that we establish a friendship with him.

“Your prayer is a conversation with God; when you read God speaks to you, when you pray you speak to God.”
St Augustine, Enarr. In Ps. 85, 7