“How much wealth is stored within each of us?  But what use is this wealth to us, if we do not investigate it?”  (St Augustine - Commentary on the Psalms, 77, 8)


Retreats and Reflection Days

  • Provide students with a much needed experience of community and relationships through relaxation, fun, prayer, discussion and Christian challenge in safe, structured environments with others who care about them.
  • They help young people grow in faith. 
  • They provide the students with the time to reflect on God and on life, to be creative and to interact with others in a Christian context.
  • Provide a climate where students can review their personal faith in the context of whole Christian story.

The Retreat/Reflection Day Program is designed to integrate the affective aspect of a student’s spiritual development that cannot easily be addressed within a one period classroom environment.

  • Years 5 to 10 have a Reflection Day on various themes.  These days provide an opportunity to extend the outcomes of certain modules and to give the students an opportunity to have experiences that cannot be readily duplicated in the normal Religious Education classroom.
  • Year 11 participates in a Retreat for 2 days. 
  • Year 12 participates in a 3 day Retreat based around the Marist Retreat Team program.  This is led by College staff.

    The purpose of the Retreat / Reflection Day program is to assist students in recognising the importance of their holistic development and to give them further understanding of ‘fullness of life’. Activities are designed to open students to their spiritual dimension as well as fostering a sense of community and a heightened awareness of their own giftedness and that of others.