Welcome to SAOBA, St Augustine's Old Boys Association.

SAOBA exists to maintain links between St Augustine's College and its alumni and among the alumni themselves.

Beginning in the mid 1960s after the first groups of students had graduated from the College, SAOBA has organised and coordinated activities which express the community spirit so much a part of the College's history. Since 1986 each five years on a major anniversary of the College's founding, a major SAOBA dinner has been organised and all of them have been great gatherings. Commencing in 2004 the earlier tradition of an annual SAOBA Dinner has been reborn with a focus on the reunions for the anniversary groups of that year as well as welcoming the newest group of alumni to SAOBA.


Julie Myers, SAOBA Liaison Officer | saoba@saintaug.nsw.edu.au | 02 9938 8269
St Augustine's College - Sydney, Federal Parade Brookvale NSW 2100
(PO Box 612 Manly 1655)