The College provides the services of a Registered Psychologist. The College Psychologist is full time and is available to all students of the College. The majority of the students seen, either self refer or are asked to attend a session by a member of staff or a family member.

The service provided is confidential and includes; Psychometric testing for Learning Difficulties, Giftedness and other educational considerations; assessment and counselling for a variety of conditions including Depression, Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder and other cognitive or psychological concerns.

The provision of advice and guidance to parents is an integral part of the service, as is the support of staff required to individualise their approach to specific students with challenging conditions. The Psychologist works closely with the Student Welfare Team and with the Learning Support Department.

Shiva is a special addition to the Student Welfare Team. Known as the College mascot, ‘Shiva’, a Schnoodle, is an adorable canine who works daily with the College Psychologist. Shiva is a special canine who interacts with the boys offering them unconditional regard and reassurance. She has a calming quality which helps diffuse any uncomfortable energy in an instant. Boys even book lunch times with Shiva, choosing to bring a few friends with them. The younger boys
have coined a term now when they are upset. They say, "I need a Shiva hug please!' This speaks volumes.

Di Lowe with Shiva

DAILY TELEGRAPH STORY 31.3.14 College Psychologist & Shiva