Student Welfare

As per The ESOS Act 2000, students who are under the age of 18 years are to have appropriate arrangements made for their welfare in Australia. This includes the need to appoint a local guardian and meet specific requirements for their accommodation.


All students under 18 years of age are required to have an appointed Guardian whilst living in Australia. If the students’ parents are not living here to support their son, the appointed guardian must be over 21 years of age, be a Permanent Resident of Australia and provide a Working With Children Check (WWCC).

St Augustine’s College will appoint and/or approve a guardian who is suitable, and willing, to care for the student.

Guardians are paid a fee for accepting the additional responsibility, which is paid directly to the appointed guardian, not to the College.


St Augustine’s College require all students, regardless of age, to live in accommodation approved by the College. This requirement is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students. 

The College operates its own Homestay programme, carefully selecting families suitable for our students. Students are generally placed with English speaking families to learn about Australian life and culture, and help improve their English. Homestay provides students with a secure and family-like environment and are encouraged to join in with the family. The family provides meals and assists with everyday needs such as laundry and cleaning, allowing the students more time for study.

Homestay Policy
Homestay Guidelines

Working with Children Check

Our College policy requires all homestay hosts and guardians to complete a Working with Children Check.

Child related work, as defined under section 2.6 of the Child Protection Act 2012, is work in a specific, child-related role or face-to-face contact with children in a child-related sector. Please read the Fact Sheet to see if you are required to complete a check.

Please visit Office of the Children’s Guardian for more information and/or to complete your online check.

Change of Contact Details

Please contact our College Registrar, Margaret Oates to update your contact details. Whether it is a simple phone number, either work or personal, or an address change, the College requests you updated your details with us as soon as possible. Changes must be given in writing, and please include the names of the students the changes will apply to.

24/7 Contact Person

The International Executive Officer – Vivian Cao,  is the 24/7 contact person for the International Students. Whilst Vivian is available at all times, please be considerate and only contact her at odd hours if it is an absolute emergency.

If you are having a Medical Emergency, please call 000 or go straight to a hospital.

International Executive Officer - Vivian Cao can be contacted via:
E: | T: +61 2 9938 8257 | M: +61 448 217 851