"Preach Christ wherever you can, to whomever you can, and in whatever way you can".
Faith is demanded of you, not excellence
(St Augustine - S Guelf 19, 2)

Because we value a deep religious dimension to our lives and our Augustinian Heritage, at St Augustine's College, Religious Education is a Key Learning Area.

It is an essential part of the total education we offer at St Augustine's College. We provide an education that will develop our students' physical, intellectual, social and spiritual growth.

As St Augustine's is a Christian School in the Catholic Tradition, we see the life of Christ as the focus of our Religious Education program. Religious Education is relevant across the curriculum and integration is not only encouraged but expected, giving all subjects a Christian perspective.

The reason for the school's existence is the education of members of the Catholic community in the context of their Christian faith. That faith is the subject of study and learning at all levels of the College.

We incorporate the charism or the gifts of St Augustine in all we do. The gifts of Truth (Veritas), Love (Caritas), and Community (Communitas). These three values are in every subject, every occasion, and everything that occurs around our school.