Your son's welfare is paramount to us ...

We place the highest priority on the value of each individual and recognise that students perform best in a supportive, safe and welcoming environment appropriate to their stage of development.

We encourage the boys to have a caring and positive view of masculinity with an important focus on quality relationships in all facets of their lives, with an expectation for all boys to model the values clearly enunciated by our Patron, St Augustine.

St Augustine's College is a safe school, where the health and welfare of our students is paramount. Current policies represent our zero tolerance to bullying and drugs.

As part of this commitment, our Peer Mediation, Peer Mentoring and Anti-Bullying policies, are well established and effective.

At the core of our Student Formation and Wellbeing Programme is a team of dedicated professionals including a full time Psychologist, who is available to all students of the College.

Also offering support and guidance are our Student Formation Leaders, House Formation Leaders, Tutors, the student’s relevant Dean, as well as our Augustinian Chaplains, Careers Advisor and dedicated teachers.

"All should not be given the same medicine, although all need the same love"  (St Augustine)