The original school of the western tradition began in Athens in an olive grove.

And today, our challenge in education is to reclaim the spirit of that olive grove, so young people are not swayed by the noisy flood of opinions masquerading as wisdom around them and are prepared for life beyond our walls.

The volume of daily noise tends to drown out most things. But noise is not wisdom. There is significant noise around standardised testing, such as PISA, NAPLAN and ATAR. About ranking a child or giving them a mark. This is one dimensional at best. You cannot take a photo of a child and say you know them.

Education at St Augustine’s College is more than skills taught, marks given, and knowledge imparted. As Augustine did, we educate for a purpose, not for a mark.

At the very heart of our Catholic Augustinian education is teaching our students to;

·         Respect diversity

·         Understand the value of friendship

·         Actively support positive behavioural strategies

·         Lead and support our vision and values

·         Understand the meaning of responsibilities of Global Citizenship

·         Discover their authentic voice

It takes practice, with all the trial and error necessary to learn and grow. We know the power of investing in education - and the cost of not doing so.

St Augustine’s College will continue to educate our students as Plato, and Augustine once did. By providing a meaningful education, opportunities to grow in wisdom, to form opinions, to speak out, and to take their place as contributing citizens of our complex planet.

John Laforest
Deputy Principal - Academic

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