• Celebrating 60 years of teaching the Augustinian values of Truth, Love and Community.


  • SEA Programme - Service Education Awareness

  • Veritas Caritas Communitas 

  • Veritas Caritas Communitas 

  • "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Saint Augustine


    We invite you to become part of our vision for quality boys’ education.

    Last year we celebrated our 60th anniversary (1956 – 2016) including a Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral on February 25, as well the  opening of our largest building project to date.  The brand new facilities include innovative technologies, flexible and adaptable teaching spaces. Students are enjoying our new Science Wing, Primary School, Senior Study Centres, canteen (Hippodrome), Uniform Shop, offices and classrooms.

    In 2017, our enrolment numbers are approximately 1,250 boys in Years 5 to 12.

    In this remarkable time of global information sharing, complex communication and futuristic technology, we are challenged to develop our skills as educational leaders who are embracing and initiating new ways of teaching students in an ever-changing world. To meet these varied challenges we are imaginative, creative and visionary.

    Our College boasts an enhanced and sophisticated range of technologies for the students in all areas throughout the school.

    Our Mission Statement and Strategic Intent 2016-2020 aims to build on our past successes and to present a clear set of intentions to provide us direction to best meet the challenges for the next five years.  It is a framework from which we aim to broaden the capacity of the College to deliver a student focused, world-class, holistic education.

    A distinct feature of our Augustinian charism and of the College is the strong sense of welcome and community that unites staff, parents and students. Our Social Justice programme too, is an integral part of the College.

    Central to our beliefs and dedication to quality education is our Catholic faith. We teach boys about life and quality relationships, modelled to us by Jesus. We teach about the interior journey, spiritual reflections and actions. We welcome people of all faiths and denominations to share our story of hope.

    It is in this way that we continue to forge our reputation as a Catholic College of excellence that is committed to providing a quality Augustinian education to members of our community.


    "Before all else dear friends, live together in harmony and be of one in mind and heart on the way to God" (St Augustine)