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Our Catholic, Augustinian culture comes alive through sacred ritual, signs and symbols.

“Prayer is, of course, an indispensable way of encountering God.”
Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine believed that our lives should be motivated by love and he constantly prayed that his heart would embrace his God, his brothers and sisters in love. He also believed that it was through our conversation with God, that we establish a friendship with Him.

Our unique culture comes alive through sacred rituals, signs and symbols. With this in mind, we foster quiet, reflective prayer, meaningful liturgical celebrations, spiritual reading, and annual reflection days and retreats. These opportunities are designed to awaken your son to his spiritual dimension as well as foster a sense of community and a heightened awareness of his own giftedness and that of others.

Retreats and Reflection Days

Retreats and Reflection Days provide your son with a much-needed experience of community and relationships through relaxation, fun, prayer, discussion and Christian challenge in safe, structured environments with others who care about them. The Retreat/Reflection Day Program is designed to further develop a student’s spiritual development that is not easily addressed within a sixty-minute period.

Our Senior Retreats and Years 5 to 10 Reflection Days provide students with opportunities to leave the regular College routine and engage in a more intensive period of reflection on faith, life and relationships. These relaxed environments facilitate meaningful peer-to-peer and peer-to-teacher interaction and create opportunities for quiet reflection on significant aspects of life during critical adolescent years.

Liturgy, Prayer and Celebration

The College's prayer and liturgical life is an integral part of its identity as a Catholic school. Apart from whole school celebrations, such as the Mass of the Holy Spirit and Patron’s Day Mass, there are a variety of other liturgical experiences that occur on a regular basis throughout the school year. As a Catholic College in the Augustinian tradition we particularly celebrate those days dedicated to Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Major feast days and special events are celebrated across the whole school community. Other Eucharistic celebrations occur according to the liturgical calendar and may be celebrated with differing Year Groups/House Groups.

Community Mass is held every Wednesday at 8.10am in Monica Chapel. Each week a specific Tutor Group is invited. This Mass is also available for all members of the College community and parents are most welcome to be a part of this weekly Eucharistic celebration.

All gatherings, including classes, begin with prayer.

For boys who have had experience serving or assisting in parishes, there will be ample opportunity for to serve or assist.

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