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The Augustinian Educational Apostolate states that teaching in an Augustinian school "should always be regarded as essentially a pastoral activity". Therefore, creating and sustaining positive relationships within the community is prioritised, every staff member is responsible for student wellbeing, and participates in professional learning in this area.

Within an Augustinian educational context, your son will be on a journey to graduate with humility, a sense of prayerfulness and community, and a restless search for truth. These Augustinian core values are the foundation of our Augustinian Wellbeing in Education (AWE) Program in which boys build their social and emotional capacity through the PERMA model of positive education - Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment.

Through the PERMA model, your son will know and use his character strengths to help him build and sustain positive relationships, navigate life's challenges, find a sense of meaning and purpose, and give him the opportunity to flourish. In doing so, he moves closer towards the ideals laid out in our Augustinian Graduate document.

Year 9 AWEsome experiences

In Year 9 we provide a unique and exciting opportunity for the students to experience interesting and valuable activities connecting with our local community. We give back to society, provide boys with a ‘point of difference’ that is rewarding, stimulating and generous in nature. Year 9 students engage in activities such as cooking and motor mechanics at our local TAFE, sing for children living with disabilities, assist at local infants’ schools, clean up our local beaches and learn about healthy relationships.

Outdoor Education

We identify and nurture learning opportunities when immersed in a natural bush environment. The natural cycles and rhythm of nature draw us closer to our earth and deeper appreciation and connectedness to the wonder and awe of God’s creation. Our young men are involved in a comprehensive outdoor education program from Year 8 through to Year 10 developing their social skills, enhancing human relationships and strengthening their spiritual dimension.

Engaging with Experts

The Institute of Positive Eduation (IPE), Geelong Grammar, are considered world leaders in the field of Positive Education. We are actively engaged with the expertise of the IPE, through the delivery of the PEEC curriculum (Positive Psychology), designed by the IPE. Regular and ongoing professional learning is facilitated by PESA (Positive Education in Schools Association).

The College has established links with external organisations to run programs to support mental health such as The Black Dog Institute, Headspace Brookvale, The University of Sydney, and the Gotcha4Life Foundation/Tomorrowman.

Community Wellbeing

Partnerships between home, school and the local community are vital to effectively support and enhance the wellbeing of your son. The College strives to build community through formal and informal opportunities throughout the year that enable your family and staff to connect with each other.

Our Parent Seminar Program provides additional resources for parents with expert presenters exploring topics such as Men's Mental Health, Cyber Safety, Study Skills, Can you Speak Boy?, Drug and Alcohol Education, and Elephant Ed.

Community events such as Father & Son Breakfast, Mother's Day Mass, Saints Golf Day, and the All Parents Welcome Evening, as well as weekly co-curricular events and parent-driven social occasions, all contribute to the strong sense of community at the heart of our College.

PESA Member

St Augustine's College is an Institutional Member of Positive Education Schools Association, the peak association for wellbeing education. Positive Education is an approach that weaves the research from Positive Psychology and wellbeing science, into schools. Positive Education teaches young people the skills they need to support and manage their mental health and wellbeing, assisting them to make a successful transition into (and to maintain) a healthy adult lifestyle.

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