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Be a part of our diverse, inclusive and consistently successful Sport and Co-curricular Program

A student’s life should be balanced. To enrich your son's educational journey at the College, a genuine participation in both sport and co-curricular is important.

We are proud of our Sport and Co-curricular Program and the students who participate and represent the College week in, week out. The students who train so hard in a multitude of sports and competitions, who make sacrifices and overcome their own hardships to perform to the best of their abilities, and who represent our College with respect, spirit and fair play.

We provide a program that prides itself on performing to the best of our ability, but that also understands that winning is not all that matters. We know that to strive for excellence is as important as the overall outcome, and that all students, no matter what their skillset or ability level, should be applauded when they represent the College in any form. We are a long way from a win at all costs mentality and our students and staff understand that winning is a byproduct of extending ourselves. Of course, we continue to celebrate our victories and take great pride in our hard work and the talents of our representative students and elite athletes, however it should not be the sole purpose of boys competing.

Our students learn how to work with people in authority (referees and umpires), they learn interdependence with other players and develop their ability to function within a team and a community. They learn new skills, make new friends, and keep their bodies and minds fit and healthy. They see their teachers in a different light and the teachers develop a different relationship with their students away from the classroom.

Overcoming adversity allows students of all ages to gain important life skills and is one of the remarkable benefits of co-curricular activities. It is not uncommon for us to hear from Old Boys that some of their greatest memories from their school days are from a particular co-curricular activity. That’s why we ask all of our students to be involved in our Sport and Co-curricular Program. We don’t want our students to miss an amazing opportunity to learn some important life lessons and make lifelong memories with their peers.

Sport and Co-curricular FAQ's

  1. Can a student play sport for their club instead of the College?
    No. The College and the students’ classmates form the primary community for the student and as such, College teams and activities always take precedence over participation in district and local clubs. Students must also represent the College in the same sport. For example, if your son plays Rugby Union for a Club they must play Rugby Union for the College.

  2. How many points does a student need to fulfil their sport an co-curricular obligations?
    Different sport and co-curricular activities accumulate different points as identified in the Sport and Co-curricular Handbook. The expectation is that all Year 5-10 students accumulate 25 points and are required to be involved in a minimum of 2 activities. Students in Years 11-12 are required to participate in one or more activities throughout the year and a culmination of 15 points for the year is the minimum requirement.

  3. What if my son plays Representative Football and therefore cannot play for the College?
    Students are only granted exemption from playing for St Augustine's College if they are selected in a team in the Football NSW NPL Competitions or represent Manly Warringah Football Association in the Football NSW Association League Competition.

  4. Are buses provided for sport and/or co-curricular activities?
    It is the policy of the school to provide transport for:
    1. All fixtures played outside of the Sydney metropolitan area
    2. Any midweek fixtures where parental transport is not feasible
    3. For afternoon/morning trainings that occur off-school campus
    4. Afternoon/morning training buses are not staffed. Alternatively, parents can transport their son to/from training.

  5. Will my son be given the opportunity to participate in his first choice of sport and co-curricular options?
    Yes. Every endeavour will be made to accommodate every student’s first choices. However, some sports and activities are limited by available spaces. The Teacher In Charge of the sport or activity will communicate with the students about available space and selections.

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