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An Augustinian Education

Education in the Augustinian tradition is concerned with building a firm foundation of knowledge for personal and spiritual life as well as a basis for professional or work life. Real education is characterised by a searching for knowledge and understanding that is integrated with personal experience. This view of learning is opposed to any which sees education as the mere acquisition of facts and information for the purpose of repetition.

The College enourages a well-rounded life for your son. As a St Augustine's College student, he will have access to a rich variety of cultural, sporting and social justice programs. In developing the ‘whole person’, College staff recognise the need to provide opportunities for your son to develop his gifts and talents and to explore new opportunities that challenge him to strive to achieve.

At the College your son will benefit from being immersed in a culture of personal achievement, where students are known and celebrated, and where creativity, effort, competition and service are a healthy part of the school’s ethos.

Year on year, the emphasis on personal achievement has seen reductions in the number of students underperforming in the lower bands of the HSC. We are proud of this unreported improvement, as we are of all our top academic achievers.

Student Care

Relationships sit at the heart of all learning. We value strong pastoral care and wellbeing alongside our academic program.

Academic Care

An Augustinian education promotes achievement across all aspects of the curriculum and encourages your son to pursue results commensurate with their ability. We have a strong commitment to providing your son with the opportunity to achieve his personal academic best and reach his full potential.

Sport & Co-curricular

The task of the formation of the whole person lies at the heart of an Augustinian education. We offer a diverse, inclusive and consistently successful program, accepting and catering for all needs.

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