As part of an Augustinian educational environment, your son will be on a journey to graduate with humility, a sense of prayerfulness and community, and a restless search for truth. These Augustinian core values are also the foundation of the Augustinian Wellbeing in Education (AWE) Program in which boys learn and develop skills in Positive Education - positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

We are a welcoming, safe and inclusive learning community, giving each student the opportunity to achieve personal excellence in all endeavours. We are committed to building positive relationships, acting on Christian values, embuing our students with a confident and contemporary understanding about being a man in the 21st Century.

Within our framework of Primary (Years 5 and 6), Middle (Years 7 to 9) and Senior (Years 10 to 12) schools we offer a comprehensive team to holistically support and guide boys and their families. This includes a Leader of Student Wellbeing, Student Co-ordinator, Learning Support & Enrichment Co-ordinator, Executive Officer International Students,  Careers Adviser and College Psychologists. Each of these positions report to the Deputy Principal - Students and a Deputy Principal - Mission and Wellbeing.

The Mission and Wellbeing Office work with the Students Office developing and implementing a programmed approach to social and emotional learning. A key example of this is the Orientation Program and Peer Support Program for our Year 7 students to help them settle well into our College community. The key to the Pastoral Structure is building relationships. With this at the forefront of our mind, the College has six House Formation Leaders working with Senior students and three Student Formation Leaders with three Assistant Student Formation Leaders in Middle school, who work with a team of Pastoral Tutors to provide a continuous relationship for your son. We have consciously titled them as ‘Formation Leaders’ as we believe that we are helping to form our young men’s character. This gives our students and their parents an avenue to a staff member who ‘truly know them’.

Student Wellbeing

"We feed our pupils with the right food, so that the time will come when they can provide their own."

Saint Augustine

We are proactive in the development and implementation of Student Wellbeing Programs. By raising awareness and by providing resources and strategies, we can strengthen a boys mental and emotional capacity to develop resilience. Students explore self and social complexities and learn about appropriate management pathways.

St Augustine’s College Child Protection Statement of Commitment

St Augustine's College is committed to providing education and care to children and young people to assist them to develop into high-achieving, supported students, positively connected
to each other and to the communities in which they live and which they will serve.

The College is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children and young people at the College and is dedicated to protecting them from abuse and harm.

At St Augustine's College, we have a zero tolerance for child abuse. The College regards its child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance, and as such is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations and to maintain safe and supportive College physical and online environments for all children and young people.

College Psychologists 

An integral part of the College’s student wellbeing is the provision of two Registered full-time Psychologists.

Students generally self-refer to discuss any concerns. Parents and teachers are also welcome to contact the Psychologists regarding student wellbeing. The College Psychologists liaise very closely with all key stakeholders in the care of our students and encourage early intervention through the provision of Counselling, Psychoeducation and Prevention initiatives.  The College Psychologists also work closely with the Leader of Student Wellbeing and the Learning Support and Enrichment Co-ordinator.

Meet Shiva. A special canine (Schnoodle) who adds a calming influence to our counselling sessions. Known as the College Mascot, Shiva is an adorable gentle dog who works daily with our team. She interacts with the boys offering them unconditional reassurance and empathy. 


  • Child Protection Policy
  • Duty of Care & Supervision Policy
  • Pastoral Care Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Providing a Safe & Supportive Environment Statement
  • Student Management Policy
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Outdoor Education

We identify and nurture learning opportunities when immersed in a natural bush environment. The natural cycles and rhythm of nature draw us closer to our earth and deeper appreciation and connectedness to the wonder and awe of God’s creation. Our young men are involved in a comprehensive outdoor education program from Year 8 through to Year 10 developing their social skills, enhancing human relationships and strengthening their spiritual dimension. 

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Restorative Practice

Aligned with our Catholic faith, the management of human conflict is based on empathy and forgiveness. We employ restorative practice processes when dealing with the sensitive issues around restoring human relationships.

AWE - A Year 9 Engagement Program

In Year 9 we provide a unique and exciting opportunity for the students to experience interesting and valuable activities connecting with our local community.  We give back to society, provide boys with a ‘point of difference’ that is rewarding, stimulating and generous in nature. Year 9 students engage in activities such as cooking and motor mechanics at our local TAFE, sing for children living with disabilities, assist at local infants’ schools, clean up our local beaches and learn about healthy relationships.

Peer Support

We provide structured leadership opportunities and our Peer Support Program complements this by developing connection with a select group of Year 10 boys and all of the Year 7 Year Group. We know the first year of high school offers many challenges and this student formation opportunity helps prepare our young students for their first steps.

Vertical House System – Senior School 

The Senior School has six House Groups, each with approximately 90 students. Each House has Tutor Groups which are under the care of their individual Tutors. The Tutor Group remains together throughout Senior School education. A House Formation Leader is responsible for each House. The House Formation Leader has specific responsibility for the day-to-day management and leadership of their House. All relationships and procedures within the House reflect the College’s belief in the value of Truth, Love and Community. This Senior School provides a deeper sense of continuity and personalised care for each student.


House Formation Leader Margaret McElhone 

House Captain Benjamin Gallacher

Open hearts, open minds Faith



House Formation Leader Brian Burke 

House Captain Daniel Cooper

Never alone, daring together Community


House Formation Leader Andrew Jamieson 

House Captain Jacob Preston

Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly Love


House Formation Leader James Gordon 

House Captain Connor Rothpletz-Smith

Challenge and follow your heart Service


House Formation Leader Kirsty Begg 

House Captain Callum Sergeant

Pursuit of wisdom Learning


House Formation Leader Ilona Welch

House Captain Louis Villella

Truth above all Truth

Healthier and Happier

The canteen is a lively part of College life. Open every day and supported by full time cooks and canteen staff, as well as part-time parent volunteers, who are committed to creating seasonal, healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. Utilising our sophisticated, purpose built new kitchen with high quality catering equipment, all food items are made on site daily from freshly delivered produce, with minimal use of processed, high salt or sugar additives. Wherever possible, we take into consideration the need to minimise our environmental footprint. 

Our wide variety of menu items cater to all student and staff needs, including some gluten free and vegetarian options.

We offer a cashless online SaintsCard ordering system, making advance lunch and recess orders more streamlined and easy for parents to manage.  ‘Create your own’ options allow you to choose a variety of fresh ingredients to build wraps, rolls or salad plate. The canteen also supplies tasty daily breakfasts, including freshly made fruit salad, organic naturally sweetened yoghurt with homemade granola, free range egg and bacon rolls and freshly baked muffins straight from the oven.

Every season, we adjust the menu to cater to the needs of our students. Canteen Menu

Our College Uniform

Our boys have been wearing their Saints uniform with pride since the commencement of the College in 1956. Students are well recognised in the local community by their contemporary and impressive College uniform, including a smart black tailored blazer for Senior students and grey blazer for all other students. Uniform items can be purchased directly from our Uniform Shop, with some items available via our SaintsCard online ordering system.


Monday - 8:00am to 12:00pm (Term 1 only)

Wednesday - 8:00am to 12:15pm and 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Friday - 8:00am to 12:00pm


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