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Our Augustinian charism and core values of Truth, Love and Community are at the heart of all we do. We accompany our students on the journey to becoming good men.

Mission, Vision and Values Statement

Mission: The Mission of the College is to promote the uniqueness of the individual founded on Catholic and Augustinian principles. We aspire to be an innovative, engaging learning community that cultivates the development of balanced individuals who are known, loved, focused on the common good, strive for personal excellence, nurture friendships, and are accountable. As stewards, we proclaim sustainability, illuminated by faith in Christ.

Vision: The Vision of the College is to provide a safe and supportive Catholic environment that challenges, fosters growth, courage and resilience in students, staff and parents.

Values: As expressed through the Augustinian lenses of Humility, Interiority, Community, the Restless Search for Truth and Ongoing Conversion.

Truth • Love • Community

As a Catholic school in the Augustinian tradition, we are committed to educating our students to become men who value and nurture their faith long after they leave the College. Students are challenged to appreciate their responsibility to the local and global community through a commitment to the Gospel values of social justice and compassion for the needs of others. These values are developed through an extensive Mass, Liturgy and Retreat schedule.

St Augustine's College Motto: Vincit Veritas (Truth Conquers)

The College motto, 'Truth Conquers', is based on the phrase from Augustine's writings 'nothing conquers except truth and the victory of truth is love’. Truth is true knowledge, not ignorance. Truth is living justly, not according to false values. Ultimately, it is God who is both Truth and Love. An Augustinian education seeks a balance in learning between different kinds of subjects be they humanities or sciences, career-oriented or focused on spiritual, personal and interpersonal growth.

Our Catholic Faith

Central to our beliefs and dedication to quality education is our Catholic faith. We teach boys about life and quality relationships, modelled to us by Jesus. We teach about the interior journey, spiritual reflections and actions. We welcome people of all faiths and denominations to share our story of hope.

Our Augustinian Values

The educational journey of our students is based on Catholic values delivered through the lens of our patron, Saint Augustine. Augustine was an early leading Father of the Church and one of the four great Church doctors from the West, and his inspired writings are still widely quoted today. He is renowned for his intellect, contribution to philosophy and theology, and his own personal struggles with finding truth. For Augustine, truth is Christ and the Gospel message of love. In Augustine's words, "Our hearts are restless until they rest in You".

Our College humbly seeks to offer distinctive windows or lenses through which our graduates and families can find value and renewal in their life journey.

Our five core values are Humility, Interiority, Community, Restless Search for Truth, and Ongoing Conversion.


Augustinian graduates:

  • have a sense of gratitude for life and its promise.
  • value diversity and are inclusive of difference.
  • are open to tradition and the wisdom of the elders.


Augustinian graduates:

  • Grow in knowledge and acceptance of their own gifts and graces.
  • Encounter Christ, the inner teacher.
  • Practise silence, stillness and reflection.
  • Get in touch with their deeper selves and personal story.
  • Go beyond the surface values of society and popular culture.


Augustinian graduates:

  • Value the formation of community as an end to itself.
  • Give priority to relationships, seeking tolerance, forgiveness and service.
  • Are conscious of the 'common good'.
  • Understand friendships as a place of God's presence.
  • Value a mutual search for truth within community.

Restless Search for Truth

Augustinian graduates:

  • Acknowledge that truth is sought both through an inner journey (The Inner Teacher), the Scriptures and in community.
  • Appreciate the dynamic and lifelong nature of the search for truth.
  • Value that truth is to be found objectively through the subject disciplines, the Scriptures and wholehearted commitment to learning.

Ongoing Conversion

Augustinian graduates:

  • Have the virtue of hope.
  • Accept and meet others where they are on life’s journey.
  • Seek guidance and support from the faith community.
  • Return and respond to the Gospel message.
  • Intentionally choose heroes of virtue to admire and follow.
  • Set out to make a difference in the world.
Christ and the Gospel message of love are at the core of all we do:

Peace living in harmony with ourselves and others.

Justice and Goodness doing what is right.

Compassion and Empathy taking on the heart of Jesus when dealing with others.

Forgiveness and Redemption forgiving ourselves and others who may hurt us.

Service bringing hope to those in need.

Your son is encouraged to hold these values in his heart and mind as he undertakes his educational journey at St Augustine's College, and to find guidance and comfort in them well beyond graduation.

St Augustine's College Crest Explained

The CROSS is the Christian symbol of Christ and salvation.

The MITRE and CROZIER are symbols of a Bishop, recognising that Augustine was the Bishop of Hippo.

The FLAMING HEART is a symbol of Augustine’s charity. The PIERCING ARROW, going through the heart and book, represents God’s spirit calling us to continual growth.

The CINCTURE is the belt that lifts the gown of a worker away from the mud in the field, symbolising the workers in an Augustinian community.

The BOOK depicts Augustine's dedication to intellectual study.

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