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Cultural pursuits are a vital part of College life at St Augustine’s and provide opportunities for your son to pursue his creative talents and add to community experiences within the school.

We offer an extensive suite of specialty spaces throughout our campus for the boys to perform and enhance their skills in Music and Drama.

We are proud of our graduates who attend renowned Australian Tertiary Creative Arts establishments such as the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and the Conservatorium of Music, and those who pursued careers as artists, designers and authors.

Art Club

Art Club, available to Years 5 to 12, runs a series of dynamic workshops, providing an opportunity for fun, whilst exploring a variety of forms, materials and techniques to create mini masterpieces. Some projects will be made over a series of weeks and others completed in a single session. Student abilities and interests are considered in planning as the season progresses.

Season - Terms 1 and 2 or Terms 3 and 4
Points - 10
Sessions - Wednesday or Thursday afternoon
Competition - N/A


Chess is the best sport to exercise the most important organ in our bodies: the brain. As well as training both sides of the brain, chess can also have a positive impact on increasing a student’s creativity and problem-solving skills. Our students in Years 5 to 12 are fortunate to have a Grandmaster chess coach teaching them the best strategies to improve their game, whilst sharing a passion for the sport they love.

Season - Terms 1 and 2 (Finals Term 3)
Points - 10
Sessions - Thursday morning
Competition - Teams play in the NSW Junior Chess League, in the Metropolitan Region Zone competition. Games are held at various venues around Sydney on a Friday afternoon.

Computer Coding

Coding Club is for Years 5 to 12, providing opportunities for the students to learn and create animations, drones, computer games, and moving m-bots. They build their programming skills as they move through the projects and challenges, demonstrating and applying skills. Projects cover Scratch, M-bots and Python.

Season - Terms 2 and 3
Points - 10
Sessions - Monday morning
Competition - N/A

Debating and Public Speaking

The College offers Years 7 to 12 the opportunity to participate in Debating and Public Speaking. Led by passionate and experienced teachers, the boys receive training and expert advice. Through our program, students will refine their skills, increase their confidence and self-esteem by helping them to enhance their oral communication and by promoting research skills. Students develop the ability to communicate their ideas to an audience in an informative, entertaining, or persuasive manner.

Season - Terms 1, 2 and 3
Points - 10
Sessions - Confirmed when teams set
Competition - Teams play in the Independent Schools Debating Association (ISDA) Competition, held at various venues around Sydney on Friday afternoons.

Drama and Theatresports

Our Drama program offers opportunities for boys to audition for roles in major theatrical and musical productions. Most years the College produces two major productions: one for Senior students in Years 9 to 12 and one for Middle School, Years 5 to 8. The College collaborates in theatre production with surrounding schools, including Stella Maris College. Students may also be involved in stage crew and tech crew for each production where they develop skills in stage management, direction, costume and sound, and lighting operation.

Theatresports is a popular co-curricular offering that challenges the boys with improvisation skill development and teamwork. Our ‘Interschools Theatresports’ teams from Years 5 to 12 regularly feature in state and regional finals.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Sydney Eisteddfod Speech and Drama divisions. This is an extension opportunity for students with ambitions to compete at a State level in dramatic monologue, Shakespearean drama, verse and prose speaking.

Students can also join the production crew, where they are trained in the technical aspects of live performance and technical support, including stage lighting and sound production. Supported by a qualified staff member, the production crew set up and run several key College events throughout the year.

Season - Determined each year (Theatre Production); Terms 2 and 3 (Theatresports)
Points - 15 (Theatre Production); 10 (Theatresports)
Rehearsals - Monday and Thursday afternoon, as well as some Sundays (Theatre Production); Wednesday afternoon (Theatresports)
Performances and Competition - Theatre Production performance dates are set each year; Theatresports competitions are held at various venues around Sydney.

Duke of Edinburgh

This co-curricular activity is an internationally recognised program created for young people aged 13 years and 9 months to 25 years. The Award recognises the many endeavours that our students take on in their lives. The program commences with the Bronze award in Year 9 and sees participants work towards individual goals in the areas of skill, physical recreation, volunteering and adventurous journeys. As the Silver and Gold award levels continue into Years 10, 11 and 12, participants continue to take on more challenges and responsibilities that are not only rewarding but bring great opportunities for personal and social development.

Season - All Year
Points - 15
Meetings - Fortnightly award-level meeting with Award Leader
Adventurous Journey - Each award level requires attendance of: Pre-Expedition Training (6hrs); Practice Expedition (Bronze: 2-day; Silver: 3-day; Gold: 4-day); Qualifying Expedition (Bronze: 2-day, Silver: 3-day, Gold: 4-day).

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is a card game that has been hugely popular for nearly 30 years. It encourages strategic thinking, collaboration and healthy competition between peers. The club will meet two afternoons a week and give students a chance to play both casually and in-house and interschool tournaments for prizes. This club focuses on the Commander format of the game which is a 100-card deck focused around a singular ‘Commander’. Students will be expected to provide their own decks for the club.

Season - Terms 2 and 3
Points - 10
Sessions - Wednesday and Friday afternoon
Competition - N/A

Mock Trial

Mock Trial competitions are conducted by the Events Management Department of the Law Society and are partly funded by the Law Foundation of NSW. The competitions are a practical means of introducing Year 10 and 11 students to law and give them an understanding of the legal system that governs the society in which they live. Mock Trial competitions provide an exciting opportunity for students to develop their speaking and arguing skills.

Season - Terms 1 and 2 (knockout rounds Terms 3 and Term 4)
Points - 10
Training - Monday and Wednesday lunchtime
Competition - Teams compete in a minimum of four trials during the first semester, followed by knockout rounds in the second semester. Trials are held at various venues around Sydney on Friday afternoons.


Co-curricular Music at St Augustine’s College provides Years 5 to 12 a rich program built around a strong Concert Band and Choir core. Students can extend their playing through Stage Bands, Jazz Ensembles and Liturgy Choirs. We also provide smaller ensembles for several instrument groups.

Individual Private Music Tuition is available for students who wish to study an instrument privately through the private tuition program. Highly qualified specialist tutors provide tuition in woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, guitar, voice and bass.

Season - All Year
Points - 10 per ensemble
Rehearsals - Monday morning: Concert Band 2, Guitar Ensemble 2; Tuesday morning: Vocal Ensemble (Choir), Jazz Ensemble 1; Wednesday morning: Big Band 1-3; Thursday morning: Concert Band 1; Friday morning: Drum Line (Percussion Ensemble), Jazz Ensemble 2, Guitar Ensemble 1; Friday lunchtime: Contemporary Ensembles (Rock Bands).
Performances - A range of College and community-based performances occur throughout the year.

Writing Club

Writing Club is open to Years 5 to 12. Students will undertake a variety of composition projects to improve and develop their personal style. Budding writers benefit from one-on-one time with our experienced and passionate staff members.

Season - Terms 1 and 2
Points - 10
Sessions - Monday afternoon
Competition - Will be advertised to the group when they come up.

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