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Our canteen is open before school, at recess and lunch every school day.

Our dedicated Food Services Team is committed to creating seasonal, healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. Most food items are made on-site from freshly delivered produce, with minimal use of processed, high salt or sugar additives.

Wherever possible, we take into consideration the need to minimise our environmental footprint along with purchasing Australian-made produce, supporting the Fiver For A Farmer initiative.

Our wide variety of menu items caters to all student and staff needs, including gluten free and vegetarian options.

We offer a cashless online SaintsCard ordering system, making advanced lunch and recess orders streamlined and easy for parents to manage. ‘Create your own’ options allow you to choose a variety of fresh ingredients to build wraps, rolls or salad bowls.

Every season, we adjust the menu to cater to the needs of our students. View our current canteen menu here and head to SaintsOnline to place your order via the Saints Card tile.

SaintsCard tile
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