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Our day began early at 5am as we embarked on an expedition on the London underground to Wimbledon.

The anticipation was high and most of us did not realise the enormity of this event.

We began after catching a couple of trains (thanks Mr Harvey for safely navigating our party through the many lines that make up the London Underground). We walked to the ‘queue’ a tradition experienced at Wimbledon for 30 years we were told and waited for 6 hours until it was our turn to purchase tickets.

The boys played games, ate, slept, generally entertained themselves and others while they waited patiently. A huge shout out to Jammo for providing whoever wanted to join with various games that helped pass these 6 hours.

Finally it was our turn and we were in. Everyone was blown away by the grounds and the buzz.

After a huge day supporting various players, especially riding the high and lows of a five setter watching Alexi Popyrin the boys were ready to get back to the hotel and prepare for the flight home.

We are all so grateful for the experience and have stories and memories to share for years to come!

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