Information documents and videos are available to help our community through COVID-19 times. They cover a variety of key areas including COVID-19 updates, Communication Plans, an Emergency Response Plan, Wellbeing Resources, Remote Learning Communication Etiquette and Resources, How to Stay Active ideas, and Classroom Resources.

A Remote Learning portal (ATLAS) was established for our students, parents and staff community in March 2020. The ATLAS portal password protected.

The College responded to the COVID-19 situation swiftly when the education sector first required schools to consider a Remote Learning model.  Our Leadership Team provided clear planning and worked closely with teachers, enabling them to effectively guide and teach their students via a Remote Learning platform.  Our student and parent community were grateful for such a swift streamlined process, enabling students of all ages to adapt and apply the new learning and teaching model.  The College is ready to apply the Remote Learning model again at short notice  if NSW Government requires schools to do so.

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