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On Friday 9 September we were delighted to host over 35 Old Boys from the Classes of 1962 to 1972, who have all celebrated 50 years since leaving the College. Every class was represented, and we wish the Class of 1962 a special congratulations for celebrating 60 years since leaving the College.

Fr Peter Jones OSA (Class of 1976) and Prior Provincial was one of our special guests as well as Fr Paul Maloney OSA and Fr John Sullivan OSA. All three Augustinians taught at the College.

Our Old Boy guests were met at the front gate by our Primary School leaders who guided them to the Goold Level 4 Terrace, where they enjoyed a delicious lunch and shared many nostalgic schooldays stories.

Les Bobis conducted a tour of the College campus, which has changed considerably since the time these Old Boys played in the bushland that passed as a playground.

“Thank you for organising this get together. As we were led around the school classrooms and facilities, our group of old boys were blown away by what the school offers the young men of today. It made us proud of what ‘our’ school had become. I for one could see that the early vision of the Augustinian fathers and the ethos that they embedded was alive and evolving with the times. I could see in the responses that our visit elicited from all the young men we encountered on our tour that in this school the education and wellbeing of these young men is being well looked after.”
Ian Marcovitch, Class of 1965

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