Our academic trend continues to rise.
34% of our 2018 HSC students achieved an ATAR over 90

Over the past eight years, St Augustine’s College Higher School Certificate (HSC) rank has improved by almost 200 places. In 2018, the graduating class ranked 65th in the State and was the 4th ranked Catholic school for boys.

A highlight of this year’s results is seen in the diversity of success. High achievement in Mathematics and Science, English, Humanities and the Creative Arts continues to give us confidence that all boys can achieve significant success no matter what their academic pathway.

We are certainly proud of the results at an individual and collective level. The Year 12 class worked well with their dedicated and highly qualified teachers to achieve their best. Another pleasing aspect is that, as with previous years, these results were achieved by a group of students who were characterised by both the quality and generosity of their involvement in the life of the College: Retreat and Service programs, Drama, Music, Debating and a myriad of sporting activities. The students continued to provide excellent leadership to the College and were outstanding role models for those who will follow in their footsteps. The task of the formation of the whole person, which lies at the heart of an Augustinian education, was strongly reflected in the experience of the Class of 2018.

Academic success has been achieved through a combination of student application, dedication and hard work and the significant support of families and our highly qualified, dedicated and expert teaching staff.

Contributing to this success is our innovative curriculum, structured specifically for boys. Fostering creativity and critical thinking is a natural part of our teaching, enhanced by integrated and sophisticated technology.

We know boys and shape their education in ways that fill them with a sense of purpose and success about their achievements. We are aware of their differences, their academic capabilities and interests as well as their challenges. So, we continuously explore opportunities to structure a more personalised, relevant curriculum that meets all of our boys’ needs in the present, with the flexibility to adapt to change in the future.

Our curriculum continues to evolve and develop through the use of a higher order thinking framework. We seek excellence in teaching and learning with a commitment to curriculum, renewal and academic challenge.

We are one of the fastest improving academic schools over the past eight years in NSW.

Some noteworthy achievements
St Augustine's College Ranked 65th in State
11th Ranked Catholic School in State
4th Ranked Catholic Boys School in State
1st Ranked Catholic Boys School in the Diocese of Broken Bay
Advanced English – 61st in State
Advanced Mathematics – 12th in State
General Mathematics – 29th in State
12 Design & Technolgy Students nominated for Shape 2018 – Showcase of HSC Technology Works
3 Drama students nominated for OnSTAGE/OnSCREEN
Visual Arts students nominated for Art Express
99 students mentioned in the NSW Distinguished Achievers List
95% of students applying for Univesity were offered a position
Courses achieving significant overall Band 6/E4 and Band 5/E3 results
Engineering Studies
English Extension 1
Legal Studies
Mathematics Extension 1
Mathematics Extension 2
Modern History
History Extension
Music 2
Music Extension
Chinese Continuers
Chinese Extension
Italian Extension
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