Over the past decade, St Augustine’s College HSC rank has improved by almost 200 places. As a comprehensive boys’ school, the College has developed a culture of achievement, our graduates have been able to realise their personal best as a result of hard work, feedback and a dedication to improvement. On behalf of the graduating class, I would like to acknowledge the work of the teaching staff, Years 5-12; each year our Augustinian graduates have been part of a culture of improvement fostered by the staff.

Congratulations to Dux of the College, David Rance, for achieving an ATAR of 99.20, and Proxime Accessit, Kevin Olson, with an ATAR of 99.05. As a community we are very proud of these young men and their families can take confidence that their sons can, and have, achieved their potential.

A highlight of this year’s results is seen in the diversity of success. Outstanding accomplishments in English, Mathematics, Science, Religion, Humanities and the Creative Arts continues to give us confidence that all boys can achieve significant success no matter what their academic pathway.

Our Student Leaders were outstanding role models for those who will follow in their footsteps. The task of the formation of the whole person, which lies at the heart of an Augustinian education, was strongly reflected in the experiences of the Class of 2019. Our Student Leaders showcased their ability to commit themselves academically, enjoy their chosen sport/co-curricular and lead our younger students through College events including the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, Assemblies, Masses, Open Day, charity work and service.

At St Augustine’s College, all students are given the opportunity to achieve their potential and become contributing members of society in a dignified and meaningful way. Success comes in countless forms and we are especially pleased that many of our boys achieved beyond original hopes and expectations. Their success has been achieved through their application, dedication and hard work, with the significant support of their family.

We are proud of the achievements of the Class of 2019 and know they will approach their future studies with the confidence gained from their experience at St Augustine’s College. As Augustinian Graduates, they will be exceptional ambassadors for our school as they follow their dreams and aspirations.

We are one of the fastest improving academic schools in NSW over the past ten years

Academic success has been achieved through a combination of student application, dedication and hard work, significant support of families and highly qualified, dedicated and expert teaching staff.

Some noteworthy achievements
St Augustine’s College Ranked 78 in the State
9th Ranked Catholic School in State
4th Ranked Catholic Boys School in State
1st Ranked Catholic Boys School in the Diocese of Broken Bay
30% of or 2019 HSC students gained an ATAR over 90
Advanced English – 25th in the State
Advanced Mathematics – 78th in the State
Studies of Religion - 5th in the State
Legal Studies - 18th in the State
Standard Mathematics – 28th in the State
7 Design & Technology Students nominated for Shape 2019
1 Drama student nominated and selected for OnSTAGE/OnSCREEN
3 Visual Arts students nominated for Art Express. 1 student selected
170 mentions on the NSW Distinguished Achievers List
9 students mentioned on the NSW All-rounders List
95% of students applying for University were offered a position
Courses attaining significant Band 6 Results
Mathematics Standard
English Advanced
Business Studies
Studies of Religion 1
Legal Studies
Mathematics Extension 1
History Extension
Modern History
HSC Top All-Rounders List - 10 Units of Band 6 Results
Lachlan Bamford
Ethan Brownsberger
Benjamin Copping
Nathaniel Gagen
Kevin Olson
David Rance
Joshua Sheehan
Noah Tezak
Louis Villella
Courses achieving significant overall Band 6 and Band 5 results
Ancient History
Design & Technology
English Advanced
English Extension 1
Legal Studies
History Extension
Studies of Religion 1
Visual Arts
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