We are first and foremost a Catholic school. We practise our faith and strive to live it daily where our sense of community is a vibrant dimension of our school. Strong values, clear expectations and working in partnership with families is paramount to the wellbeing, confidence and growth of our future Augustinian graduates.

St Augustine's College educates boys in Years 5 to 12, teaching the Augustinian values of Truth, Love and Community. Offering an educational experience shaped by our Patron, Saint Augustine, the College accompanies young boys on their journey to becoming well-rounded men; young men who will move with a sense of self-assurance into a global community with a strength of character, intellect and generosity of spirit; modern men who can and will act, using their talents and gifts, to lead and serve others.

Proud of the traditions and culture that has evolved since the commencement of the College in 1956, we continue to build upon the work of those who have preceded us. With strong research and evidence, we carefully take the best of our history and traditions and shape them to meet our current needs in the delivery of a challenging, contemporary education.

We are dedicated to the celebration of achievement, creativity, effort and improvement in each young man. We focus on opportunities in our academic, spiritual, sporting, cultural and service learning domains. It is our belief that every young man can benefit from immersing himself in the culture of the College and achieve personal success.

Individual wellbeing, holistic growth and continuous improvement are attributes modelled by our highly qualified and dedicated staff and expected of our students.

Our extensive and successful co-curricular program provides boys with opportunities in sport, music and a vast range of cultural activities.

We enable students to grow with faith and integrity, and become relevant members of our society.

I invite you to peruse all aspects of our website to gain a thorough understanding of all we have to offer your son. To meet our staff and students, please go to the Admissions page.

Jonathan Byrne

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