A distinctive feature of our Augustinian heritage is our sense of welcome and from this the strength that our community exhibits. As a Catholic school educating boys in Year 5-12 we practice our faith with an emphasis on strong values, clear expectations and working in partnership with our families. It is the values of Truth, Love and Community that focus and unite our staff, parents and students. This cohesion of purpose has helped to forge our reputation as a Catholic college striving for excellence in the education of young men.

The College has carefully selected a canon of documents to guide us. The use of The Graduate of an Augustinian Catholic School document has enabled us to map personal attributes that we would like boys to acquire, research-based teaching and learning from Harvard University, and a wellbeing framework based on the Positive Education Model (PERMA) ensure that as an Augustinian school we are equipping our graduates with life skills and personal traits that go beyond the classroom.

A condensed view of our Augustinian lenses is: 

Humility: Has a sense of gratitude for life and its promise. 

Interiority: Goes beyond the surface values of society and popular culture. 

Community: Gives priority to relationships, seeking tolerance, forgiveness and service. 

Ongoing Conversion: Accepts and meets others where they are on life’s journey.  

Restless Search for Truth: Appreciates the dynamic and lifelong nature of the search for truth.  With aspirational personal values like these, the College has continued to set high academic expectations. We are supported by an exceptional staff who have helped our students to accomplish 2019 Higher School Certificate results that, as a comprehensive school, rank us as the 4th best Catholic boys’ school in NSW. Our graduates attained the highest overall results with 9 students achieving HSC All-Rounder awards. The learning gains of each student have contributed to our movement in the much-reported league tables. Each year, the emphasis on personal achievement has seen reductions in the number students underperforming in the lower bands. We are proud of this unreported improvement, as we are of our top academic achievers. The College is very proud of the emphasis placed on a well-rounded learner.  Sportsman and scholars, artists and academics, students have access to a rich variety of cultural, sporting and social justice programs at the College. In developing the ‘whole person’, the College staff recognise the need to provide opportunities for students to develop their gifts and talents and to explore new opportunities that challenge students to strive to achieve.

Central to our beliefs and dedication to quality education is our Catholic faith. We teach boys about life and quality relationships, modelled to us by Jesus. We teach about the interior journey, spiritual reflections and actions. We welcome people of all faiths and denominations to share our story of hope. 
I invite you to become familiar with the Augustinian story, to meet our staff and students by joining us on a tour or at the College’s Open Day. It is our belief that every young man can benefit from immersing himself in a culture of personal achievement, where students are known, celebrated and where creatively, effort, competition and service are a healthy part of the school’s climate. 

Like Saint Augustine, the College accompanies young men on their journey to becoming good men. Young men who will move into the world self-assured and can act with a strength of character, intellect and a generosity of spirit. Modern men who can act and lead others.

Jonathan Byrne

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