The Middle School at St Augustine’s College, comprising of three year levels – Year 7, 8 and 9 provides a well-rounded, unique education for boys that is engaging and enjoyable. We aim to develop boys’ full range of academic and physical talents in a safe, caring and stimulating environment and to encourage them to mature as faithful, responsible young people through activities and programmes, both within and outside the classroom.

The Middle School experience is shaped around the following learning principles.

  • All experiences in and out of the classroom stem from our Catholic Augustinian values, where qualities of compassion, service and justice are nurtured.
  • There is a variety of subjects and activities so that students are better equipped to identify their personal interests and strengths and provision is made for opportunities where these strengths can be developed.
  • Students recognise the benefits of learning and being involved in College related activities and relevant preparation is provided for their future educational journey.
  • Positive relationships are fostered among all members of the College community and structures exist that provide a safe place for learning which is centred on support and encouragement and where mutual communication is delivered in an environment that is non-judgemental.
  • Boys are rigorously challenged by setting high expectations in all educational domains and realistic learning goals are established that include constructive and honest feedback.
  • Accommodation is made for a variety of learning needs by supporting a number of teaching styles, pedagogical approaches, including the use of technology, and assessment types.