Over the course of this first Term, sustainability within the College has been a focus for leadership and all staff, supported by the Sustainability Committee. It has been overwhelming to see the amount of amazing initiatives, anecdotes and success stories emailed to me on a weekly basis. The Sustainability Committee and leadership have successfully made a few changes within the College as follows;    

  • Acting Deputy Principal - Students, Dan Fee has led staff in building awareness around taking responsibility for our own litter in the playground. Phil Nicotra (TAS department) is an active steward of creation within our local area and made two recent presentations to staff and students about the impact that littering in our College has on our wider community. This collegial approach to taking responsibility for rubbish within the College has seen a huge improvement in the way our College looks following recess and lunch.
  • Many Tutor Groups, for their Lenten Appeal took part in ‘clean up our beaches’ initiatives.
  • Drinking fountains have been installed throughout the College in an aim to eliminate the purchase of single use water bottles.
  • We now source our toilet paper from a company aptly titled ‘Who gives a crap’. All of their products are made with environmentally friendly materials and 50% of profits are donated to non-profit organisations such as WaterAid Australia and Shining Hope For Communities who work to improve access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation to those in need.
  • Paper Recycling bins are now utilised in many staff rooms and all Primary classrooms and we have several Nespresso coffee pod recycling stations throughout the College. 

Looking ahead to Term 2, our goal is to focus on waste management within the College. Some initiatives that we will launch include; 

  • Equipping all classrooms with a recycling bin
  • Stocking the playground with recycling bins
  • Sourcing quality, reusable drink bottles for staff and students
  • Sourcing Keep Cups for staff and the College community
  • Looking into solutions to reduce single use waste in the College

We are very excited to implement these initiatives. Watch this space ...

Melinda Eckford

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