Introduction of the Year 5 Instrumental Immersion Program  

In line with the College’s strategic improvement intention of delivering a rich and varied curriculum, a Year 5 Instrumental Immersion Program was implemented. This has been a vital step in the provision of a comprehensive co-curricular education for our students.  

The College is fully committed to this initiative, engaging professional musicians for instrumental instruction and resourcing the program with new, high-quality musical instruments. Throughout the year, students will experience and learn to play woodwind, brass and string instruments. The instrumental immersion lessons will co-exist with the current singing, music appreciation and organising sound lessons. Weekly instrumental lessons are divided into small group tuition sessions followed by an ensemble experience.  

Students have risen to the challenge, and most have already learnt the basics of sound production, a series of melodies as a soloist and ensemble player.   

The program will no doubt prove to increase student outcomes and interest in Curricular Music and indeed grow the College Co-curricular Music ensembles. 

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