Welcome to St Augustine's College - Sydney

We are proudly a Catholic school for boys in the Augustinian tradition, supporting young men in learning how to live with others.  We equip them with the skills and a sense of responsibility to make their world a better place. With care, compassion and understanding as our hallmark qualities, we guide students as they grow in their faith, finding purpose and meaning, by engaging them to make gospel values real in their lives.

St Augustine’s College is known for its strong sense of community care and spirit, strongly uniting students, families and staff. The enthusiasm displayed by our highly qualified teaching staff and the boys pervades all areas of our community, setting the tone for a lively, stimulating and happy environment.

We pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive school where boys of varying abilities are given the opportunity to achieve their personal excellence. While espousing the value of hard work, it does not translate into the College being all about winning, success and triumph at all costs, or that it celebrates only those who achieve highly. We develop young men to become confident and have a genuine love of learning, working both autonomously and collaboratively, to be intellectually curious while being critical and independent thinkers.

We are passionate about rigour and high achievement, creating a culture of learning and respect.  An essential element of education involves instilling in the boys their personal attributes, along with a sense of responsibility, independence, resilience, concern and strong moral values. Respect is an integral part of the fabric of our College, where all students are respected regardless of their area of interest, whether it be academic, sporting, creative or cultural. 

We offer a myriad of opportunities for all boys from Years 5 through to 12 and believe an education that does not challenge, is an exercise in mediocrity. Our College provides many opportunities for young men to take risks, to face challenging and perhaps life-altering experiences, encouraging them to broaden their horizons. 

Our students are the heart of everything we do. Their journey is based on Catholic values in the tradition of Saint Augustine: a journey that is full of curiosity, diversity and discovery as it unearths interests and talents. We know this leads to producing Augustinian graduates who are thoughtful, happy, well-rounded, contributing members of an extended community who are ready to make our world a better place.

We encourage you to view all aspects of our website, engage with us and contact our Registrar via Admissions to arrange a tour of the College.  When you join St Augustine’s College you will become a part of a global community of over 400 schools, universities and churches.

Our staff and students look forward to meeting you.

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