Augustinian Newsletter December 2021

Wednesday, 08 Dec 2021

The Augustinian The latest publication of the Augustinian Province of Our Mother of Good Counsel—Australasia is available here: Augustinian Newsletter Dec 2021

Helping our kids navigate a digital world Northern Beaches Review 14 July 2021

Wednesday, 14 Jul 2021

Our Year 6 Teacher, Patrick Ell, penned an article for the Northern Beaches Review this week on digital technologies and young people. View "Helping our kids navigate a digital world" article here.

Educating Boys - Sydney Morning Herald 14 June 2021

Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021

Our Head of Wellbeing Ilona Welch, and school leaders Josh Seward and Tom Copping, were interviewed about our wellbeing programs in The Sydney Morning Herald's "Educating Boys" special. View the "Educating Boys" article here.

2020 Graduation Day - A Momentous Occasion

Thursday, 24 Sep 2020

2020 Graduation Day A beautiful Graduation Ceremony was held at the College today. Regardless of 2020 being an unusual year for learning, our Year 12 students forged ahead with pride and resilience.  Starting with a beautiful breakfast on the top floor of our new Goold Building, a Graduation procession then...

Mullets For Mental Health

Tuesday, 15 Sep 2020

MULLETS FOR MENTAL HEALTH COVID-19 times has challenged the resilience of the young and the old, families, carers, work and our social lives through the importance of mental health and wellbeing.  St Augustine’s College established a wellbeing program aligned with the PERMA model (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishments) created...

We Educate For A Purpose

Monday, 24 Aug 2020

The original school of the western tradition began in Athens in an olive grove. And today, our challenge in education is to reclaim the spirit of that olive grove, so young people are not swayed by the noisy flood of opinions masquerading as wisdom around them and are prepared for...

Welcome to our Augustinian Family

Tuesday, 18 Aug 2020

The Ordination of Rev Fr Quang Tuyen Pham OSA was held recently at Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair, NSW.  Fr Tuyen’s family is unique in that he has two other brothers who are priests, another was ordained deacon in July this year and his youngest brother has just joined the...

Rowing In Isolation

Friday, 26 Jun 2020

Due to  COVID-19 isolation period, the National Rowing Championships had been postponed and all international Regattas had been cancelled, the St Augustine’s rowers reset all training and tried to come to grips with the impact, stay motivated and fit and be ready when the curtain raises.  Our Year 10 VIII would...

Messages of Appreciation

Friday, 12 Jun 2020

Messages of appreciation from our Student Leaders. With the College transitioning from face-to-face learning to remote learning, and then a staged return, with all-students on-site, our Student Leaders share their messages of appreciation and gratitude to our College community.
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