10 Habits for Happiness

As part of the Primary School Positive Education program, we have been learning about the 10 Habits for Happiness. Over the remaining two weeks of the term, I will include some of these habits to help when times are tough.

Habit 1 – Feel optimistic and positive and expect that good things will happen.

Habit 2 – Have confidence, give things a go and don’t worry about making mistakes and what people think about you.

Habit 3 – Stay connected; find time to be with friends in real life (not online) to talk and laugh together.

Habit 4 – Use your imagination. That means finding time to be creative and think of new ideas or new ways of doing things or creating things. This could be art, science, music or it could be inventing a new game or a new fashion or a new website!

Habit 5 – Self-discipline. That means giving yourself rules and not breaking them, even when no-one is watching. Make a rule to do all your homework before you watch a movie at night. Or make a rule that bullying is not okay. This habit can be hard but it's very important.

Habit 6 – Academic achievement. Even though you don't always get the top grade in class, always try to do your personal best and then try to do even better next time! Put in lots of effort to listen, watch, understand, ask questions and remember what you need to learn. It will make you happier to know that putting in your top effort and really challenging yourself and trying hard, stops you feeling lazy.

Stay tuned for the remaining 4 Habits for Happiness

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