This article is about our 2018 Results, for our latest results visit Academic Care.

We are proud to inform our community of the outstanding Higher School Certificate achievements of the Year 12 Class of 2018.

Over the past eight years, St Augustine’s College HSC rank has improved by almost 200 places. In 2018, the graduating class was ranked 65th in the State and was the 4th ranked Catholic school for boys in NSW.

A highlight of this year’s results is seen in the diversity of success. High achievement in Mathematics and Science, English, Humanities and the Creative Arts continues to give us confidence that all boys can achieve significant success no matter what their academic pathway.

We are certainly proud of the results at an individual and collective level. The Year 12 class worked well with their dedicated and highly qualified teachers to achieve their best. Another pleasing aspect is that, as with previous years, these results were achieved by a group of students who were characterised by both the quality and generosity of their involvement in the life of the College: Retreat and Service programs, Drama, Music, Debating and a myriad of sporting activities. The students continued to provide excellent leadership to the College and were outstanding role models for those who will follow in their footsteps. The task of the formation of the whole person, which lies at the heart of an Augustinian education, was strongly reflected in the experience of the Class of 2018.

Congratulations to Dux of the College, Joaquin Aitken, for achieving an ATAR of 99.35, and Proxime Accessit, Cole Pittar, with an ATAR of 98.85. Unfortunately, the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) does not release individual ATAR results to schools. Our initial estimates suggest that 30% of our domestic students received an ATAR above 90, and 50% above 80. Information indicates that over 60% of all results were in the top two Bands.


Dux of the College, Joaquin Aitken, and Proxime Accessit, Cole Pittar

Joaquin Aitken, College Captain, and Cole Pittar represented the College in Football and Futsal and their commitment to our Social Justice Program, working with homeless men, was outstanding.

Importantly, the academic trend for St Augustine’s College continues to rise. We are the fastest moving academic school over the last eight years in NSW.
Following is some initial data analysis:


Some noteworthy achievements of the Year 12 Class of 2018:

  • St Augustine’s College ranked 65th in the State
  • 34% of our students gained an ATAR of over 90
  • 4th best Catholic Boys School in the State
  • 11th Ranked Catholic School in the State
  • Ranked:
    • 29th in the State in General Mathematics
    • 12th in the State in Advanced Mathematics
    • 90th in Standard English
    • 61st in Advanced English
  • Top All Rounder List – 10 units of Band 6 results:
    • Joaquin Aitkin
    • Eliot Dainton
    • Joshua Macarthur
    • Cole Pittar
    • Dylan Smyth
  • Matthew Melhuish – 2nd in the State – Senior Science
  • Cole Pittar – 14th in the State – General Mathematics, achieving 100% in the HSC Examination
  • Design & Technolgy Students nominated for Shape 2018 – Showcase of HSC Technology Works:
    • Aidan Barry-Cotter
    • Maxwell Bennet
    • Joel Burgman
    • Ethan Dean
    • Max Greneger
    • Thomas-Ralph Hadley
    • Jackson McLean
    • Max Meikle
    • Callum Sergeant
    • Benjamin Simpson
    • Alek Weidmann
    • Zachary Youlten
  • Drama students nominated for OnSTAGE/OnSCREEN:
    • Benjamin Gerrans – nominated and selected
    • Joseph Brocklehurst
    • Robbie Christensen
  • Visual Arts students nominated for Art Express:
    • Kyle Ingram
    • William Lodder
  • 99 students mentioned in the NSW Distinguished Achievers List
  • 21.5% of all results Band 6 or E4
  • 30 courses above the State average
  • Courses attaining significant Band 6/E4 Results:
    • Mathematics General 31
    • Studies of Religion 1 22
    • Mathematics 20
    • English Advanced 16
    • Mathematics Extension 1 11
    • Design & Technology 11
    • Business Studies 11
    • Legal Studies 10
    • Physics 8
    • Modern History 7
    • PDHPE 5
  • Students with Band 6/E4 in at least four courses (including 2017 Accelerated Courses):
    • Joaquin Aitken
    • Harry Cope
    • Eliot Dainton
    • Cian Hoey Durnin
    • Connor Hopkins
    • Nicholas Iacovitti
    • Joshua Macarthur
    • Alexander Matthews-Lane
    • Matthew Melhuish
    • Rory Maher
    • Joshua McMenamin
    • Marcus Oates
    • Cole Pittar
    • Cameron Powell
    • Michael Ryan
    • Max Stephen
    • Benjamin Van Dyk
  • Courses achieving significant overall Band 6/E4 and Band 5/E3 results:
    • Economics 90%
    • Engineering Studies 88%
    • English Extension 1 100%
    • Legal Studies 80%
    • Mathematics 90%
    • Mathematics Extension 1 100%
    • Mathematics Extension 2 100%
    • Modern History 80%
    • History Extension 100%
    • Music 2 100%
    • Music Extension 100%
    • Physics 86%
    • Chinese Continuers 100%
    • Chinese Extension 100%
    • Italian Extension 100%

St Augustine’s College is a non-selective Catholic boys’ school drawing students from a variety of educational backgrounds. We are proud to provide appropriate educational adjustment programs for all students with learning requirements. All students are given the opportunity to achieve their potential and become contributing members of society in a dignified and meaningful way. Success comes in countless forms and we are especially pleased that many of our boys achieved beyond original hopes and expectations. Their success has been achieved through their application, dedication and hard work, with the significant support of their family. Of course, none of this success is possible without the highest quality teaching staff and we thank all the staff for their dedication and expert guidance.

We are proud of the achievements of the Class of 2018. We are confident they will approach their future studies with the confidence gained from their experience at St Augustine’s College. They will be exceptional ambassadors for our school as they follow their dreams and aspirations.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Byrne

John Laforest
Deputy Principal - Academic

This article is about our 2018 Results, for our latest results visit Academic Care.

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