Year 5 Student Jack Berne is the founder of the ‘A FIVER FOR A FARMER’ campaign, initiated in 2018.  To date, over $1m has been raised with Jack working hard via a vigorous media campaign.  Well done Jack.

This year, as a St Augustine’s College student and as part of our community care, the College will be embracing Jack’s drive to help Australian farmers combat the drought affecting so many country families. With Greater Sydney recently joining in on the water restrictions, it shows us more than ever that now is the time to act.

On Friday morning August 2, a live broadcast with Channel 7’s Sunrise show will be held in the Primary school.  All Primary students are invited to come to school dressed as a farmer, bring their ‘all Australian produce lunch’ and donate $5.  Year 12 students will also support the initiative, dressed as farmers and hold a lunch time BBQ for the whole College (with all Aussie beef sausages!). All monies raised will go towards the AFFAF fundraiser. 

The College is now a AFFAF sponsor and will also continue calling for donations at upcoming College events throughout the remainder of the year

CTA - This year Jack is also asking all Australians to buy Australian produce.  Read the labels of the products you currently buy to ensure they are Australian produced.  Our College canteen is currently reassessing their food purchasing and if necessary, will make changes to help our farmers.  A story in the Australian Women’s Weekly on our canteen support of Jack’s initiative is due out later in the year.

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