Last week our 10 Elective History visited the Sydney Jewish Museum. It was a truly wonderful and, I believe, life-changing experience for the boys.  They were able to interview a Holocaust Survivor and delve deeper into this challenging part of human history. Danielle Raffaele - History Teacher.

“The Jewish museum, I believe, was imperative to my understanding of the horrors of the Holocaust. The experience was confronting, but above all extremely helpful.” - Niam Melville.

 “Our excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum was an engaging and eye-opening experience, which provided an insight into the experiences of the Jewish people throughout history and the devastation of the Holocaust. The highlight of the day was a truly moving testimony from Ella, a Holocaust survivor. Her story struck a chord with each and every member of the audience and allowed us to see the impact of the Holocaust on individuals and the strength and resilience shown by the Jewish people.” – Joseph Boland.

“The Sydney Jewish Museum excursion was an incredible experience for all of us. It gave us the opportunity to view a physical translation of the pictures in our textbook and understand the Jewish perspective of the Holocaust.” - Jacob Meacham.

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